Cold enough for you?

The weather forecasters are showing a huge Arctic cold mass descending through Canada into the Northern USA this week. So cold, I can hardly believe that will happen in my garden, not more than 25 ft above sea level but very near the Sound. But zone 8b officially can get down to 10 to 20 degrees F. I just have not experienced that here, yet. Today I went into panic mode and decided that my beloved roses needed some protection, so I bought two 3.2 cubic ft. bales of Black Gold (the regional organic soil amendment) and just got in from mounding three mini/miniflora beds, four standard tree roses plus about four other roses that have only been in the ground since October. I really could have used two more bales but while everyone else was scurrying around Fred Myers with Christmas gifts, I was wrestling with putting two bales of Black Gold in my cart. We all have our priorities.



Discovery Garden – Skagit County WA

My errands today took me up to Mt. Vernon, WA to pick up several sheets of poly carb to replace the greenhouse roof. When I was looking at the map on Charley’s Greenhouse website I noticed that it is not far from a Master Gardeners display garden. I love places like this because the collective, creative gardening minds of Master Gardeners have been showcases, in my past garden tour experience. I was not disappointed!




Stamen love

I just love the look of roses with fresh stamens. There are so few that can do it well.

‘Dainty Bess’ a single hybrid tea rose, is one of my first favorites in this category. This is not a show rose. It will close up in a cool room, but look at those stamens!

‘Jaqueline du Pre’, a shrub rose, is another rose in my garden that was planted because of beautiful stamens. It’s a keeper, don’t you agree?

The last one for today is ‘Darlow’s Enigma’, a hybrid musk rose. This rose grows like a weed! I have planted it getting minimum sun and it still produces large sprays of roses with beautiful stamens.

Friday night followers

I recently read something that said “don’t waste your time posting on Friday evening…” Is anyone out there? I think you are reading on Friday evening. Please comment/click like if you read this on Friday evening. Perhaps I should stop posting on Friday evening? Hope you like the roses :)

‘Bee’s Knees’ miniature rose

‘Ty’ miniature rose

‘Konegin von Daenmark’ alba rose

ID needed

‘Yellow Smith’s Parish’

Friday Favorites

It’s the dry season now. The area gets a 20% chance of rain some days, but my garden has not had rain for two weeks and I have been watering regularly now. Rain barrels are good but soaker hose is quicker and less work for me. I can do more fun things if I’m not tired from hauling five gallon buckets of water around.

‘Julia Child’ is a first year plant in a pot and is having an impressive flush right now.

‘Jaqueline du Pre’ has such beautiful stamens, My camera cannot stay away.

‘Red Eden’ has more blooms every year.

This ‘Marilyn Monroe’ does nor have a perfect center, but I still love the color.