Mums -But I thought I was a rose person?


Did you know there is a chrysanthemum club that also has a national and international association? I was totally surprised by this. In Minnesota, we hoped to find the hardy bush mums hybridized by the University of Minnesota to plant and then *hoped* the would survive for a second season. I was not successful for many winters. That is all I knew about mums. But to my surprise, about half of the Rose Society people also gather for the mum club. I’m not totally abandoning roses, never get that idea, but as a club project everyone is growing ‘Luxor’ (the tall skinny one in the photo.) They gave me three and I am hoping that one looks good next fall! The three cuttings in the purple pots are other mums that they taught me how to start. Apparently the club members let a plant bloom once then take the babies from the bottom and start new plants the following spring. I hope you will follow the progress of the “mum adventure”.