WOW! in Western Washington

Minnestoa is known for cold weather and hardy gardeners always want to get a jump on the growing season. The Walls Of Water moved to Washington with me because I heard that tomatoes and peppers can be a challenge to grow due to the long cool spring.

Mid April was the time to warm up the soil for tomatoes.

Some people think these are difficult to set up, but with the following steps, it is easy.

  1. 1. Get two sturdy stakes and an empty WOW, insert stakes inside the WOW on opposite sides to provide support.
  2.  Fill each baffle about on half full. Be careful not to make mud puddles in the soil.Then go around and complete the filling.
  3.  Plant inside the WOW
  4. Add more water to the baffles if evaporation happens over a few days or weeks.
  5. Remove the WOW when the plants grow out the top and weather conditions are warm.
  6. The WOW in Colorado can survive much tougher weather than I experience. When water freezes, it gives off heat.
  7. I leave the stakes inside to help stability in case of wind!

Tomato grown from seed and put into the WOW.