More fruit!

Time for roll call:  we have the Rose Club, the Dalia Society, the Mum club and the Fruit Club and probably a few more I have not yet discovered. The funny thing is that all this is happening in a semi-rural area of the Kitsap peninsula and the same people migrate from club to club. Many have also been through the Master Gardener program. Roses and mums are about all I have time for but the fruit people had good advice and they had a good sale last month. Yes, I did add some more fruit plants to the garden. They were grafting apples on M26 root stock, which was a very interesting skill to watch, so I now have two trees.

Then I wandered into the other fruit for sale area and bought a male and female fuzzy kiwi, a Marionberry plant and Fig. I am now surprised to learn that fuzzy kiwi is a giant vine that needs an equally giant trellis in a few years.

Meyer Lemon tree has been growing since last fall. Apples, kiwi and fig arrived in March.