What’s in your compost?

Last fall I purchased a Costco tumbling composter and filled it and have been turning it regularly. After 6 months I figured it should be ready so I opened it up and was a bit surprised to see slugs and crocosmia bulbs sprouting! Healthy looking slugs that probably hitchhiked in on the foliage I used for decomposition. But now I am concerned about spreading this slug compost on my garden due to the probability of eggs. What do you think? Gardening is always problem solving.


The Pacific Northwest has several varieties of slugs and they are everywhere.


2 thoughts on “What’s in your compost?

  1. It would be a shame not to use it. If you pick out the adult slugs, you will just have the problem of their eggs. You could spread the compost thinly out on a polythene sheet for a few days and let the wild birds eat the eggs before putting the compost on the garden. There’s no guarantee this will get rid of all the eggs, but it would be a start, especially at this time of year when birds have babies to feed and are actively seeking high-protein food.

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