Standard tree rose

I have added several plants that fall into the theme of “this would not grow in Minnesota”. Standard tree roses will grow in Minnesota the complicated part is winter protection. Earlier this spring my new favorite local nursery had a sale on authentic half wine barrels (try some Washington wines if your are so inclined). The sale price was $24.99 each, which I thought was not bad. I have seen them going for $47. and this store’s regular price is $39.99. I figured that two would fit in the back of my Prius with the seats down and I was correct. I got them home and did my internet research and Pintrest research. As a result I learned how to use a power drill and a 1″ bit to drill 5 holes in each half barrel. Then I had to buy a new staple gun to put the hardware cloth over the holes. At this point I had no idea what would go into the planters, but they were at such a good price, I could not resist. The more I thought about this I realized what I really would like are two tree roses, ‘Firefighter’ and ‘Full Sail’. By the time I got around to placing the order, Edmunds was sold out of these two so I got ‘Neptune’ which some local rosarians say does really well in this climate, along with other mauve roses. (Next fall I will order ‘Firefighter’ and ‘Full Sail’ if available and will have to watch for that sale again!) The photo shows the mid-spring progress. Check back as the growing season continues.

‘Neptune’ standard tree rose


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