One rose, many colors

Phototropism is directional growth in which the direction of growth is determined by the direction of the light source. In other words, it is the growth and response to a light stimulus. (Wikipedia) ‘Rainbow’s End’ miniature rose has an interesting response to sun and lack of sun. It is registered as a yellow blend rose and as you can see in the photo, it starts out yellow with a red edge and finishes as a solid red rose in this photo taken May 28th in a location where it gets PM sun.


Rainbow’s End miniature rose has an interesting color change depending on the light.


The same plant has a solid red finishing color.


Rainbow’s End photographed in greenhouse in October.

Now look at the photo above which was taken in my greenhouse last fall. It is the same potted plant with it’s last bloom of the season grown under the low light conditions of fall in the Pacific Northwest. Fun to observe if you are a plant geek as I am.


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