Culinary treats are as close as your kitchen garden


Salad Burnet herb.

Do you grow herbs? I only grow the ones I love to eat and I miss them in the winter. Last January I was aching for some fresh parsley and now I have enough to share because in January I planted parsley seeds in a pot. I also planted celery in January and that is really tasting good right now but it is not technically an herb. Salad Burnet is one herb I bought as a plant. It has a slight cucumber flavor. I have taken a bottle of white wine vinegar and put in Salad Burnet leaves for a month or so to infuse that great flavor in the vinegar.



Another of my favorites is mint. If you have never grown mint know that it can get invasive and is best grown in a pot and not put in the regular garden or it will take over your garden space!


Chives, parsley and rosemary also get some precious garden space.


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