Mums, once blooming stars of the fall

I am a Rosarian who went to a mum show last fall.

The people were friendly and encouraged me to attend their club meeting, so I did. I didn’t know anyone, or even hear of anyone in Minnesota, who grew mums. The shapes and variety of flower forms caught my interest. So last March I went to the club sale and got a variety of starts. The plant starts are called stools and you start them in little pots and pot them up every 3 to 4 weeks until July. If you like a lot of hands on gardening and pinching, mums may be a plant to try.

In the past, mums were just inexpensive fall annuals to me. I tried a Univ. of MN hardy mum once but it died after two seasons there. There are 13 classifications of mums in the US. Slugs like to eat them. (I am almost starting to think that slugs like anything growing!)

I am hopeful about this new group of mums because I have met people who are giving me good instructions to be successful. Wish me luck!