Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

What’s blooming in your garden today?

I just discovered this cool idea where garden bloggers post and discuss what’s blooming in there garden around the 15th of every month. The idea came from Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

Here in my Pacific Northwest zone 8 garden I have lots of things blooming that were planted by a previous gardener. That gardener knew about the drought of August. My beloved roses are limping along waiting for the cool and wet weather of our maritime climate to return.  The previous gardener planted Crocosmia bulbs. Honestly, I think they are a “weedy” plant or an invasive, but I do enjoy the pop of color they provide in August. Some of these plants will stay and some will be deleted as the garden becomes my own.

This is one great clematis! It does not get too large and it is doing a good job of covering the industrial looking chain link fence that does a good job of keeping the deer out!

Crocosmia planted in a half- wine barrel with a Japanese Maple.

These Hollyhocks probably should have been staked. Bees love them.

Lavender thrives in dry, hot weather.

Sometimes pink and sometimes blue, this hydrangea catches your attention.


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