Let it rot!

There is something very satisfying about making your own compost. Since I emptied my bin out on to a tarp for finishing a few weeks ago (think final drying out) I have been picking through it to learn what did not compost by the time I was ready to use it. Crocosmia and gladiola foiliage did ok, but the bulbs are still solid and sprouting. Grass, straw and leaves were good additions. A friend stopped over and asked when I was going to sift the compost. Honestly, I did not think about that but I did realize the benefit of getting out clumps etc. My friend talked about a frame for hardware cloth and that sounded nice but I was concerned about storage of something that would not get used often. So my solution was to wrap a few inches of the flexible wire hardware cloth around my wheel barrow. Now that I am done i can just roll up the hardware cloth for easy storage.




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