Mums show off!


Last March I had no idea that the scrubby littlle starts would produce so many beautiful flowers. The roses are gone, but the mums are blooming to keep the transplanted gardener happy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mums show off!

  1. Hi Elena,
    I love your mums! Do you compete in floral arrangements with your roses?

    Jolene showed me a photo of some type of outdoor vacuum that you use to vacuum up leaves. Is there a story that goes with the photo? It seems more effective than blowing the leaves and then raking them up to put into compost or yard waste.

    : )


    • Hi Sue, thanks for the kind comments. Yes, I do compete with roses in arrangements and I am an ARS hort and arrangement judge. Roses here are done for the year so the mums keep me active arranging. I just pretend they are roses and use ARS guidelines and rules.

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