Success in 2012 – Garden in review

2012 brought lots of changes to my Western Washington garden. It was my first full growing season in this new place. Most of the plants were successful, but a few heat loving veggies such as basil and cucumbers are not very well suited to this climate. This was my first time doing a vegetable garden since 1999, in Minnesota, the year I turned the veggie garden into a rose bed and arbor. The gardening year can be summed up by the sign below. (I found it on Pinterest, but do not have any more source info.)

Western Washington is a great place to garden. There is plentiful moisture 9 months of the year and the ground here in my garden near the Sound never really freezes. The down side of that is weeds never really stop germinating and growing. OK, maybe they do slow down in December and January, but only because of low light levels.


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