So many tomatoes, so little space!

Last season I started from seed and grew five varieties of tomatoes.

  1. 2/28 Gold Nugget, a determinate early golden cherry
  2. 2/28 Genovese, an heirloom recommended for sauce which was said to be grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1781
  3. 3/22 Yellow Pear, an indeterminate, heirloom salad tomato, widely grown in the 1700-1800 time period
  4. 3/22 Sweetie an indeterminate cherry tomato
  5. 2/28 Snow White an indeterminate, heirloom that is pale yellow and 1/2′ diameter when ripe

The seeds were started inside under heat and lights on the dates above, then moved to these walls of water. This provided enough protection from wind and sun so I did not have to be concerned about transplant shock. I any one would like some of these seeds, comment below because I have extra.ImageImage


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