#MooPooTea and No Tea

Spring has sprung and It’s rose experiment time. I don’t want to be accused of rose abuse, but I do want to see what will happen if two copies of the same rose, ‘Coffee Bean’ a miniature rose, get watered with plain water and the second with Haven Brand tea.

Both roses were wintered in pots and have approximately the same mass of roots on March 8, 2013.

Both roses did get bigger pots and the only mix I have available is Miracle Grow Moisture Mix. I think if this was a real science experiment, plain mix would have been better. If this was a real science experiment, and I think there would be more than two plants. But we will follow these roses all summer.
The plastic pitcher is the amount of tea one plant gets while the other gets an equal amount of water. It rains here regularly, so that will be a factor until the summer drought of June – August Check back regularly to see what happens!


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