Not so easy, radishes

Slug damage on French Breakfast Radish.

Slug damage on French Breakfast Radish.

You would think that a place that gets consistent rainfall would be an ideal place to cultivate succulent radishes. Simple radishes; grow quickly in cool weather, the first veggie we gave our kids to grow because they have large seeds. I love the crunch and flavor! But so do slugs.
The downside to using my hoop house with Remay fabric to keep out the insects is that I do not open it up often to weed and check on things. Today was the day and most things looked ok, except for radishes.


One thought on “Not so easy, radishes

  1. I am so glad to see someone blame this damage on the critter that actually *caused* it. Bunnies get blamed for a lot of garden mischief they didn’t have anything to do with! Cheers!

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