Grow Great Tomatoes in the NW

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Tips from an Avid Grower

by Kirsten DeLara, Master Composter/Soil Builder

Aussie Matina

Wanna grow tomatoes? While we all dream of yummy home grown tomatoes, local gardeners are often challenged by our cool spring temperatures. The secret ingredients are heat and healthy soil. Here are some tried and true techniques to create your own tropical tomato paradise.

Before you Plant

Pick a sunny spot. Select a location that gets eight hours of sun exposure — even better if it has radiant heat from sunshine reflecting off of a wall. Tomatoes love heat!

Heat the soil
. This step can be as simple as placing dark tarps or plastic over your vegetable garden. Raised beds will further increase soil heat.

Heat the air.
Warm air is critical so keep the heat close. If you just have a few plants, you can fill wine bottles with water to create a wall around each…

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