Another plant craft Pinterest follow up

Why look at drab terra-cotta pots when you can add color to the garden? One of the things I most enjoy about spring and summer is the return of color in the garden and this is an easy way to splash color.

To get started you might want to check Wal Mart garden center for cheap pot prices, but other places will have them on sale soon. Last year I painted the red pots and filled them with geraniums which wintered over in my green house. This spring I added the yellow ones. It’s easy. First you should use Thompson’s Water Seal on the inside and bottom of a new, clean terra-cotta pot. I used a cheap, foam brush to apply. Then I checked out the local Habitat for Humanity store for inexpensive paint. The outdoor yellow latex was under three bucks. I painted two coats of yellow and could have put on a third.

I like unique, trendy plants and I also like to use them in prominent places, so here you see Proven Winners Lemon Slice Superbells. I saw this plant in a garden magazine a few months ago and have been on the hunt for it!

The second yellow pot has Proven Winners Nemesia, Blue Bird and another generic orange Nemesia. Color! Contrast! Joy!