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I have a folder on Pinterest that I call “I could do this”. Many of the items in the folder are container gardens and especially sedums in containers. Finding the right container is key to pulling off the planted crafty project: Wire basket was a Goodwill find for $2.99.

The dried moss in the bag is a local, sustainable product at a hefty price of $14.99 but the bag will make many more for gifts. The few plants I purchased were $2.50 each. I am fortunate that the previous gardener planted many different sedum plants that I snipped for the project.

I don’t have a potting bench but use a plastic bin to contain the mess when potting or seeding.

I started with moss, then added the coffee filter and a bit of potting mix.

Then I started planting and tucking in more moss.



Like a lot of newly planted pots, this one needs to settle in a bit and grow but for my first project, I am pleased with the results.



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