Blooming in the rain

After living here nearly two years, I understand why the roses and other beautiful flowers grow so large and colorful. Moderate temperatures and plentiful moisture. I love the moderate temperatures but the rain keeps me indoors more than I would like. There was no sailing over the Memorial Day weekend but the roses look great!

‘Eglantine’ was transplanted with me from Minnesota. A+ in my book.


‘Summer Wind’ was hybridized by Dr. Buck for conditions in Iowa and it does well in the NW also as many of his roses do.


‘Tyrelle’ is a sport of ‘Jeanne LaJoie’ that was discovered by a friend, Jan Staetler who is no longer with us.


This is ‘Playboy’ which is a very successful rose in my climate.


Last, but not least is this unnamed Clematis that has very showy blooms and was purchased at a local Big Box store on clearance a few weeks after we moved in. It is so beautiful, I think it deserves sharing too.


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