Slugs, Snails And Puppy Dog Tails

Got slugs? Get rid of them!

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garden slugNatural Ways to Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden So you’ve planted that organic garden and much to your dismay, your plants aren’t thriving and you begin to notice holes in the leaves.

Slugs multiply rapidly and can totally destroy your garden if left unchecked. Don’t be fooled, not every “all natural” garden pest control technique will actually work on slugs. In fact, many are little more than old wives’ tales at best.

Battling Slugs All Natural Ways To Control Slugs.
Beer: Those pesky slugs hold their alcohol like a 12-year-old girl. Ideal Bite has some clever thoughts on using beer traps for natural slug control. DIY Beer Slug Trap

Egg Shells: Heat egg shells in your oven until they are very dry and can be easily crushed. Mother Earth News recommends crushing up egg shells and sprinkling them around your plants. Obviously the egg shells will…

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