Garden grapes

Since I have had no grapes in two seasons, this year I decided to hire a landscaper to prune the grapes last winter. We would always get lots of vines and leaves but no grapes. Now I understand why. The landscaper had experience with grapes and really pruned hard and went on about fruiting spurs…

The variety is Interlochen. Now I have more fruit to protect from birds!


5 thoughts on “Garden grapes

  1. How wonderful it would be to have a garden of home grown grapes! I hope they are sweet and plentiful!

  2. I’ve just bought a grape vine to put into one of my poly tunnels. Do you know if they have a big root system as I was going to plant it into one of my veg boarders. Thanks eve

    • Hi Eve, They seem to have shallow roots that spread out rather than a tap root like a tree. My grapes are close to a chain link fence so they have something to climb. Be careful where you put the plant. It will shade other things eventually.

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