Fall and winter garden time

We just started harvesting the first tomatoes and cukes when it’s time to get ready for the fall and winter garden. This is our dry time of year in Western Washington, I have already drained two rain barrels and I wonder if the additional cost of city water will exceed the value of the veggies it will nurture. Maybe I should not think so deeply…
About four weeks ago I started two flats veggie seeds to transplant around the end of July. Broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and swiss chard.

I plan to grow the brussel sprouts in the greenhouse bed. That plant gets so tall and would be difficult to cover with Remay fabric later. The greenhouse will keep bugs away. I have had good luck in the greenhouse bed this season. Early lettuce, broccoli, then tomatoes and cucumbers. The photo shows the lemon cukes today. I trained them vertically to save space.