The hardest part of gardening (for me)

Have you ever stopped to think how much you enjoy gardening? But do you really love all parts?
Fresh air and sunshine are two big draws for me. Weeding is in the middle of the pack. It’s a 12 month activity here. But what I really do not like (and I stop short of saying hate) is taking out perfectly growing vegetables (because of limited space for veggies) because it is time for the next season’s planting. I know, you probably think there are bigger problems in the garden, but this is one that gets me procrastinating. I try to tell myself that I just need to harvest whatever is taking the space and move on with the season, but something is blocking my thinking on this. I remember this dilemma during the season change over in past years.

For example, the bed in the photo above has garlic that is ready for harvest and herbs that pretty much stay in the same place every season. Check, no problem. Under the Remay fabric, I have random plants of Kale, Swiss Chard and three small heads of cabbage. I like to harvest these plants right before I need to use them in cooking, but now they are just taking up space that should be getting ready for sugar snap peas. So I think I need to harvest and refrigerate those veggies and make a plan to use them within the week. If anyone is still reading now, thanks for listening to me rambling on over this dilemma. It has been very helpful to think it through in writing.
Cole slaw anyone?