Cukes in the greenhouse and a tomato outside

Last season I tried to grow lemon cucumbers outdoors in a raised bed. I got one tiny cuke. So this year I got a package of seeds and grew my own starts and planted them inside the greenhouse in a raised bed.

As you can see, the added heat from the greenhouse was successful. I have been leaving the door to the GH open all the time since May to help vent the heat! It does still get warm inside, kind of like a giant cloche would in the garden. I love it when these things work.

My next success is from Moskovich tomato, purchased from the Central Valley Garden Club plant sale and started outside in Walls-o- Water. Mary Ann, you were right! Thank you. These large babies do grow well here! This is just another example of “get local gardening advice” rather than advice from a book written for a climate different than yours.