Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We have become stewards of several fruit trees planted by a previous gardener. Yesterday, Mike climbed up the larger cherry tree with a chain saw and thinned it out. I so wanted a picture of him up that tree, but did not plan ahead and get a camera outdoors. I was the spotter under the tree. After cleaning up all the branches and leaves, we wondered if it is also time to do the same to the plum tree on the property. This is a large, not very beautiful tree, in a corner that shades a nice area for growing roses. When I first saw that tree, two plus years ago, I wanted it taken down. Boy am I glad that did not happen! It has the most tasty plums you can imagine. Unlike any in the grocery. So this year it has a large crop of plums and I decided to pick the ripe ones today. Luckily, my neighbor over the back fence shared his invention for getting fruit high up in the tree and I got a big bowl full of plums plus some to share!