Grapes – a learning experience!

Our home property came with five grapevines which I have ignored for two years, partly because I do not know anything about grapes and have never seen them grown. Another concern is that I do not know what I would do with all those grapes when they ripen in September. Last year I think the birds and critters ate them. Not wanting to continue wasting good food, today I pruned the vines to aid the ripening.I understand that I should have done that second pruning in June when the clusters started forming. Also, since grapes are indeterminate, pruning vines during the growing season is necessary. I think one vine is Interlachen, a seedless white table grape. I found a tag near the ground. Does anyone recognize these grapes? They are in the second set of photos below. Some local folks told me about covering the grapes to help keep the birds and critters away.




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