3 in 1 Worm Ranch

You know you have a real garden friend when she says ” do you want to go get some worm poop this weekend? ” Then you both smile and giggle with an enthusiastic “yes!” That was my cold, wet Saturday morning today.

Kitsap County Rose Society recently hosted Julie Fritts who owns 3 in 1 Worm Ranch in Poulsbo, WA. During her talk she explained the benefits of using worm tea and the actual worm castings in the garden. We were fascinated with the idea of such a good, local source for organic soil amendments.


Julie and her husband Danny showed us how worm composting happens in their commercial operation which consists of five large containers. One has European Night Crawlers an four have Red Wigglers, which are the preferred type of worm for vermicomposting. The incubators are heated to 70* and are covered with screen, to keep birds and other critters out. There was no odor in the area. The worms are fed once a week and left covered to do their work.


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