Field trip to Sequim: Peony Farm today

Sequim, WA is well known for growing Lavender in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains. Another lesser well known group of plants that grow really well in that somewhat dry region of Western Washington are peonies. My garden club had a field trip today to the Peony Farm where we learned about three types of peonies. The prices ranged from $28. To $110. I was surprised by that fact. They get dug and delivered for planting in November. My luck, they would make a very expensive salad bar for the deer, but they sure make beautiful subjects for photographs.





2 thoughts on “Field trip to Sequim: Peony Farm today

  1. I recently took a quick trip to visit friends in Seattle and Olympia and was reminded how much I love Peonies. They are such a special flower and you simply do not see them here in southern California. I have never seen such variety. I had no idea they come in yellow. Thanks for sharing.

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