Unwelcome visitor

This year I planted about 24 bean seeds three times. The first time the soil was too cold and they did not germinate. I think the same thing happened the second time. I have a tendency to rush the season, beans are cheap and I only plant 24 since I am feeding two people now. The third time, around the very end of May, they actually germinated and grew and I harvested them twice, but then Sunday night my husband forgot to close the gate and I did not check and overnight the open gate welcomed a deer into my garden. Deer love beans. It/they snacked on a few roses but totally took out the beans.



One thought on “Unwelcome visitor

  1. How terrible. I planted beans twice too, but only two plants finally came up. I should have tried for three, but by then I was too consumed with other garden problems. At least you harvested some, I suppose that is something.

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