I decided to start some tomato seeds on February 15th, a usual time for my area. My set up is not fancy, in my garage with a heat mat and fluorescent lights. I decided to try one seed per cell this year with 2/3 potting mix and 1/3 seed starting mix on top of that in every cell. This year I have some old faithful favorites and several new varieties courtesy of Victory Seeds and the author Craig LeHoullier. I won the book in a contest and was given seeds and a gift certificate as a bonus.

Here is my 2/15 seed list with the number started:

  1. Sunsugar-6
  2. Sun Gold-6
  3. Sweet Million-9
  4. Chocolate Cherry-6
  5. Costoluso Genovese-4
  6. Dwarf Arctic Rose-4
  7. Dwarf Fred’s Tie Dye-4
  8. Dwarf Tamunda Red-4
  9. Morgage Lifter -2
  10. Brandywine Sudduth strain-2
  11. Dwarf Jade Beauty-2

You might be wondering, how much space do I dedicate to growing tomatoes? I grow Ten to twelve in a raised bed. I grow tomato seedlings for myself and give the remainder to the Central Valley Garden Club for their May 5th sale.

In the week since I started the seeds we have had below freezing overnight temps for the past three nights and a 20 hour power outage! Just when I thought I would have to start over, I see germination! This season my blog will follow these seedlings along their way.


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  1. I’m doing he same this year – I want to see what varieties will crop well outside for me here in Devon. Although my propagator broke this week so I’m having a rethink on the set up

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