Friday Favorites

It’s the dry season now. The area gets a 20% chance of rain some days, but my garden has not had rain for two weeks and I have been watering regularly now. Rain barrels are good but soaker hose is quicker and less work for me. I can do more fun things if I’m not tired from hauling five gallon buckets of water around.

‘Julia Child’ is a first year plant in a pot and is having an impressive flush right now.

‘Jaqueline du Pre’ has such beautiful stamens, My camera cannot stay away.

‘Red Eden’ has more blooms every year.

This ‘Marilyn Monroe’ does nor have a perfect center, but I still love the color.


The rare December bloomer- Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

At at time when my previous December gardening experience was limited to Phaeleonopsis orchids indoors on a window sill in Minnesota, here in Western WA I have helleborus blooming out side. What a rare treat for me. Green grass, flowers blooming, and lots of rain! It will bloom for about two or three months and when not in bloom the leathery green foliage is also quite attractive.

Buds are swelling on my outdoor camellia, I think that will be the next show.


Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- November

Outdoor blooms in November are Such a bonus! Sun in November in this maritime climate is also a treat since we just passed through a six day rainy stretch where I measured over ten inches of rain. But today I thought it would be a good idea to see how things are doing in the gardens.


This hardy fuchsia was moved from a sunny spot to the front patio about a month ago and is blooming quite nicely.