Mums from the beginning

I really enjoyed my mums last fall and I was told to take cuttings this month to have more of the same mums next fall. Apparently the plants from last fall will not produce very well unless cuttings are rooted and new plants started.

There are several ways to get the cuttings to root. I chose Hormex rooting hormone and perilite.


After 3-4 weeks the rooted cuttings go into 4 inch pots with potting mix. The after 4 more weeks I will look for roots coming out of the bottom so I know it is time to go to a larger pot. This potting up continues until July 4th when they should be in a final pot for growing and flowering.


Click on the mums or Chrysanthemums in my word cloud to the right to see the mums blooming last fall.

Greenhouse success story

This is my second spring with the unheated greenhouse, erected by a previous gardener. The first year I learned a lot about what would not grow in an unheated greenhouse in this maritime climate over winter. The amount of sunlight hours per day is key. The period between November 1 and February 15 is the cut off here for 10 hours of sunlight. I should not expect much growth with fewer than 10 hours. I learned that my salad greens will germinate if planted in the bed around February 1. This past winter was much more successful than the first as far as wintering over plants such as the Meyer Lemon, although the Brugmansia Datura looks dead to me. Very tropical. A $5.00 loss.






Getting ready

I like the idea of reusing plastic containers but hate the drudgery of cleaning and disinfecting them. I tell myself that I am preventing possible fungal problems later. I hope that is true. Today was the day.

I wash them in hot water with dish soap, rinse with clear water then give them a quick rinse in bleach water. Notice the tongs for use with the bleach water. The fun part now begins. Stay tuned!

Tomato progress 2012

Since I started too many tomato seedlings in 2012, I decided to see what would happen if I put a couple of left over seedlings in the bed inside my greenhouse. My first concern was that they might not get pollinated. My other concerns were fungal disease and the size of the indeterminate varieties. All these things did happen, but not before a good harvest that lasted until November. The warm days and cool nights and fungal problems, eventually did make me realize that it was time to end the tomato harvest.



20130115-121912.jpg<br /



The winter greenhouse

This fall and early winter my greenhouse has been mostly a space to over-winter plants. It is unheated and has not been down into the freezing temps at this point. In late January or early February I will use some space to harden off starts the will germinate in the house, under lights.


The Meyer Lemon spends summer outside.


I am really looking forward to the growing season. My Territorial Seed catalog arrived today and I am circling items and bending page corners for things to order. I need to get on that right after the holidays. Planting peas happens in February!