Glorious fuchsias!


Plants my hummingbirds love

We are fortunate to have two species of hummingbirds in my neighborhood: the resident Anna’s and the migrant Rufous hummingbird. Rufous arrives in early May and departs in August. They could already be gone as I have not seen one this week. When I plan my garden I always consider plants that hummingbirds can use for nectar even though I do fill feeders. I find they use both sources during summer. Here are eight of my hummingbird garden plants in bloom now.



20130802-203749.jpgHosta bloom

20130802-203827.jpgSalvia -Hot Lips


20130802-204011.jpgGartenmeister Fuchsia


20130803-153647.jpgLobelia tupa

Hummingbirds Vs. Bees

I don’t remember having this problem last May, but this year the bees have discovered my hummingbird feeder. Not all three feeders, just one with yellow flower openings.

I tried several potential solutions for the problem and the following did not work:
1. Take the feeder down for several days.
2. Paint the yellow flowers red with nail polish (someone suggested that bees are attracted to yellow?)
3. Move the feeder location10 ft. (Do the bees smell the sugar solution?)
None of those actions deterred the bees here.


Then I read that bees can not hover and feed as hummers do and that a light spray of oil will not allow bees to land. Some suggested pan spray and others said any oil spray would work. Negatives about this idea are that hummers could get the oil on their feathers. I decided to try the oil and it does keep the bees away, so far.