Orchid Love

I know roses are a traditional gift at this time of year, but they break all the rules about local and sustainable growing. I would much prefer a couple of bare root roses that will bloom for many seasons in my garden. Recently at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show I admired a huge display of blooming orchids. I had a few Phaeleonopsis (moth) orchids in Minnesota that would rebloom yearly after spending the summer outdoors on the North side of our house. Here in Western Washington I unintentionally killed them after moving them and put them in my cool greenhouse. Then I bought two new ones at the 2013 NWFGS and killed them too. What am I doing wrong?


Last View of NWFGS – Blooper or Plan

There was one small section of a display garden that just looked wacky to me. The designer has obviously never grown asparagus. It looks like someone needed to fill some space and walked into a grocery store here. No one would really grow asparagus in this spot.


Container garden progress

This year I was inspired to try growing plants in containers  as decoration for the garden. Pinterest and #gardenchat gave me interesting ideas. The yellow pansy pot has lots of textures. It was inspired by a free pansy plant I got at the NW Flower and Garden Show. This spring I removed a fence but left up two sections to see what I could do. The red pot is one of a trio that I saw on Pinterest. Do you grow in containers? Where do you get ideas?

Focal point

Red pots