One more fuchsia in a pot

Pretty fuchsia and dessert from the garden!


Forsythia, Crocus and Other Signs of Spring

Today is the first day I noticed the yellow starting to show on my forsythia bush. It is such a busy time of year here. My strawberry patch took a hit from the cold over the winter, so today I bought 24 plants to fill in spaces where I pulled out dead dry plants recently. So much to do and so little dry weather to get it done!

Week 2- Washington State Fair in Puyallup

There will be one more week of The Fair, but I will not be attending or taking roses next week. Driving the distance, the entry fees and parking would just be too much. I did have fun for two weeks however. So today I decided to celebrate and have dessert for lunch.

20130915-173506.jpg Fisher strawberry shortcake for lunch!
There were lots of cute displays by junior exhibitors.