Walls of Water are off now

Warming soil temps and increasing daylight made the tomatoes outgrow the WOW. It is still in the 50’s at night.

Tomatoes today May 26, 2018

The tomatoes love the Walls of Water! Started from seeds February 15 the transplanted up to 4 inch pots then on March 31, into the WOW. Now, May 26 they are showing out the top.

The weather is still cool at night so I am not ready to lift off the WOW and replace with tomato cages.

The next photo will show the difference between the WOW tomatoes and some extras I planted directly in the ground on the same date, just to compare what would happen.

Having fun with tomatoes

I just love getting my hands dirty with transplanting. It is such a time of hope. Good food in a few months. The remainder of these tomatoes are for the Central Valley Garden Club plant sale in early May.  Until then they will be toasty warm in my greenhouse.

Heat, heat, heat!


A couple of days in the high 80’s and my garden (and this gardener) are wilting in the sun!


Not this bad, but my sugar snap peas are complaining, and the San Marzano tomatoes that are waiting for the space currently occupied by the sugar snap peas are complaining and my tomatoes in Walls of Water have outgrown their protection, which they no longer need. Gardener, get to work!



Class of 2014: Tomatoes

Today was tomato planting day, inside Walls of Water. We have not had a frost for a week and the 7 day forecast looks mild. This year I have planted one each of Sweet Million, Oromo, Amish Paste, Cosmonaut Volkov, Gypsy, Stupice and two Brandywine.,


I am not happy with the spotty germination of my peas as seen in the second photo. Cascadian at the far end look ok but the near area has Sugar Daddy and less than 50%.

Cukes in the greenhouse and a tomato outside

Last season I tried to grow lemon cucumbers outdoors in a raised bed. I got one tiny cuke. So this year I got a package of seeds and grew my own starts and planted them inside the greenhouse in a raised bed.

As you can see, the added heat from the greenhouse was successful. I have been leaving the door to the GH open all the time since May to help vent the heat! It does still get warm inside, kind of like a giant cloche would in the garden. I love it when these things work.

My next success is from Moskovich tomato, purchased from the Central Valley Garden Club plant sale and started outside in Walls-o- Water. Mary Ann, you were right! Thank you. These large babies do grow well here! This is just another example of “get local gardening advice” rather than advice from a book written for a climate different than yours.


Walls of water time again

Last year I used my walls of water to get a head start on the warm season tomato plants. This season I am starting several weeks earlier than last year, but I have put up the walls of water first to warm the soil above the current 49* F, then I will plant in a few days. I also read that tomato plants appreciate egg shells for their calcium to prevent blossom end rot. I did not have a problem with blossom end rot, but decided to save and freeze egg shells for three months then put them in the soil before planting tomatoes this season. I sprinkled crushed shells in a trench before I set up the walls of water.