Cloudy, Mostly cloudy, Rain with some sun breaks

How many ways can you describe wet weather?

Why is Northwest weather worst in November? –

One day, one storm

One day, one storm

Sun break

Sun break

According to Professor Cliff Mass, winter will be over in February.


Action in March

The daylight is getting longer here and everything is waking up. It still rains more often than not, but that does not mean everyone gets rain all day, every day. Just part of the day! The weather forecast goes from 90% chance to some sun breaks. How many places in the US get a forecast of some sun breaks? Overly optimistic most days. But the grass is green and needs to be cut, if it ever drys out enough.

Peas are germinating

Carrots are seeded under cover.

Meyer Lemons in greenhouse are looking good!
I bought a Japanese stone lantern for the
Japanese garden.