I almost forgot to share my in ground fuchsias


Dwarf Mondo Grass is a cool black plant

Every time I go to a new nursery, I find something new and wonderful. The only way I have been able to hold myself back is to limit my selections to to plants that should only be a foot tall or less to fit the scale of the Japanese garden. Recently I discovered Dwarf Mondo Grass. The tag says it could be eight inches at maturity. Bingo! So once I planted it I could hardly seeing in the garden so I started looking for light colored rocks and now there is a sweet contrast between the plant and background.


Hosta abuse

I was very irreverent towards these plants when I moved. Last spring I divided some of my favorites from my hosta grove and put them in pots, but when it came time for the move, they were taken out of their pots, rinsed off and thrown in a black plastic garbage bag for transport. People have always told me that hostas are like weeds, since I thought I did not want to abandon them, so I would give this a try. Honestly, it was a last minute effort. Surprisingly, they are looking pretty good one year later, transplanted in their new garden. Unique ones have always been my favorites. I have also learned about slugs as a result of moving these midwestern hostas to Washington.




Progress on the neglected garden now Japanese garden

I have stopped calling this area the neglected garden because it is getting sort of a Japanese Garden feel to it. I removed landscape fabric (what a thankless job) and moved some rocks into place then built up one area for the weeping tree. I discovered the Steppable plants from Oregon and got them at a great price at Fred Meyers (grocery and garden store).