Late Bloomers During a Welcome Dry Spell

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest USA never ceases to amaze me. Statistically, November is the rainiest month but we are currently in a very welcome dry period. Dry but rather cold at night (26* F so far in my garden.) I am amazed at the plants that are still healthy and blooming!
Camelias naturally bloom at this time of year, but it is still fun to share. Recently I moved the tiny chrysanthemum into the greenhouse. I thought Bacopa was an annual but it is still hanging on. The hardy fuchsias are the stars. I have only known the annual fuchsias in my previous gardens.


Mums from the beginning

I really enjoyed my mums last fall and I was told to take cuttings this month to have more of the same mums next fall. Apparently the plants from last fall will not produce very well unless cuttings are rooted and new plants started.

There are several ways to get the cuttings to root. I chose Hormex rooting hormone and perilite.


After 3-4 weeks the rooted cuttings go into 4 inch pots with potting mix. The after 4 more weeks I will look for roots coming out of the bottom so I know it is time to go to a larger pot. This potting up continues until July 4th when they should be in a final pot for growing and flowering.


Click on the mums or Chrysanthemums in my word cloud to the right to see the mums blooming last fall.

Cross Sound Arranger’s Guild

Today I was invited to be a guest at the Cross Sound Arranger’s Guild. Four times a year this group of talented flower arrangers gets together to share, teach, learn and critique examples using the Federated Garden Clubs of America’s rules and style. I am used to American Rose Society’s rules and styles so this is very different for me. ARS rules state that the rose must be dominant. In Federated arrangements, the theme or category seems to rule. For example, the designs today were “holiday illuminary”, which means lights need to be incorporated in the design.

Christmas design

Thanksgiving designs